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RAFA is a 17-year-old tomboy, who lives in a poor neighborhood of Santo Domingo, with her friends she manages a gang that is dedicated to minor crimes. Operating as a family, the gang is increasing their crimes, as well as their income. Everything worked well until they faced MARIO EL MAGO, a local capo whose only objective was to take over the business. 

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Audiovisual Production Company

Mentes Fritas productions, is our base production company, founded 11 years ago. It has produced various projects, short films, commercials, music videos and feature films. Supported by the CINERGIA Audiovisual Development Fund (2008) to carry out the project: Assisting the Dentist's Wound. Included in the OFF-Clermont short film show in France and later in Brazil.


The short film "It has been a pleasure" was an official selection at several film festivals, including: Trinidad + Tobago film festival and a winner at the Santiago International Independent Film Festival. Our first feature film Azul Magia, released in 2017, which went through several festivals, has been valued for its great artistic proposal. Mentes Fritas has also been co-producer in feature film projects such as: "El Día de la Tormenta" (2017, in post-production) and "Rafaela" by director Tito Rodriguez (2019, in post-production).

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