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Bionico is a hopeless romantic, and also addicted to crack, who must take control of his life before his fiancée leaves a rehabilitation center. It's a raw vision of love in a hostile Caribbean city. 


We are looking to complete post-production and get distribution.

The idea behind this Mockumentary was to enter in a marginal universe to find out if a love story could exist in that context of poverty, ignorance and hard drugs involved.

There was a great concern to make a very dignified portrait of these characters, avoiding falling into porn poverty. Portray their world with their usual surrealism and violent imaginary.

Filming in that way was fascinating because we had method actors mixed up with natural actors in an excessive chaos as a result of the searching for the truth of the scenes, take after take, improvising and playing like little kids. THE WHOLE CREW STILL REMAIN SAYING IT WAS THE FUNNIEST EXPERIENCE MAKING A MOVIE THEY EVER HAD… AND IF THEY SAY THAT WE BELIEVE IT’S TRUE.

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